Carbon Cuts or Climate Impact? New Choices for Equity Investors

New Perspectives on Asian Private Markets

Impact in Private Equity - Sector in Brief

Wealth Manager Investment Survey

Re-evaluating the Case for Listed Infrastructure

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - August 2021

How to Build a Hedge Fund Allocation

Redefining Value: Managers under Scrutiny

Multi-Sector Fixed Income: Back in Focus

Riding the Wave: Event-Driven Strategies Surge on New Deal Flows

Reaching for Returns in Real Estate Debt

Beyond Labels: Navigating the Multi Asset Universe

Asset Owner Investment Vehicles - Sector in Brief

From Laggards to Leaders? Hedge Funds Slowly Embrace ESG

Benchmarking Alternative Risk Premia

A challenging period for factor investing has left investors scrutinising the performance of Alternative Risk Premia strategies. In a sector where benchmarking has been problematic, this evaluation is now helped by the emergence of the first fundamentally constructed, comprehensive ARP indices.

Investors Eye Trade Finance amid COVID Storm as Ba...

Trade Finance remains attractive in today’s ‘even lower for even longer’ climate due to its short-dated, asset-backed, yield-generating profile.

The Rise of Fixed Income Factor Investing

Systematic factor-based investing in fixed income is still in its early stages. This brief report reviews the critical challenges involved and the assesses landscape of available strategies.

Asset Owner Survey: Managing through Uncertainty

As the global pandemic unfolds, 368 investors representing $11 trillion in assets share their lessons learned, key portfolio changes and expectations for the year.

Mid-year Review Five Findings on Manager Performan...

In Late-July 2020, bfinance clients and other investors joined the research team for a recap of active manager performance, portfolio positioning and investor activity in 2020 YTD.

Testing Times for Infrastructure Investment Resili...

While the infrastructure sector has been robust during previous crises, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating a global economic scenario quite unlike any that has preceded it.

Rethinking China’s Role in Emerging Market Equity ...

Investors are reassessing their approach to investing in Chinese equities, supported by an evolving range of asset management offerings.

Investors Eye REITs amid Uneven Rebound

The second quarter brought a spike of investor interest in REITs – quicker to crash than private real estate, due to the inevitable lag in illiquid asset write-downs, but with a history of strong post-crisis recovery. Recent months highlight major dispersion between different sectors, countries and active managers.


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