Investor Spotlight: Italian Pension Fund Cuts Hidden Costs with Fund Hosting Platform

Do Listed Infrastructure and REITs Work Better Together?

Direct Lending: to Cycle or Not to Cycle?

DNA of a Manager Search: Real Estate Debt

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - January 2020

Real Asset Debt: Lessons from Manager Selection

How Can Trustees Ensure Value for Money?

Investor Spotlight: Small Insurer Boosts Sophistication, Adds Alternatives

Tackling Hidden Costs in US Private Debt

The structures used by US private debt managers can create substantial leakage for international clients.

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - August 20...

bfinance’s quarterly report in August 2019: read the team’s latest insights on institutional investor activity, risk appetite, market developments and asset manager performance across all major asset classes.

Green Bonds - Sector in Brief

Appetite for green bonds is increasing as sustainability-minded investors look towards ‘impact’ strategies. Meanwhile, the sector is outgrowing some of the limitations that have previously restricted its appeal.

Investor Spotlight: How Alberta Teachers’ is Inves...

The quest for diversification plus returns is not an easy one in today’s investment climate: many strategies that provide low correlation with equities are falling short on performance.

Private Debt: Do Fewer Covenants Really Mean More ...

The declining number of covenants in private debt transactions has provoked concern among investors and industry commentators alike. Yet this emphasis on headline covenant numbers can be somewhat misleading. Allocators should hone in on more important, less obvious details: definitions of EBITDA or cashflows, “permitted baskets” and more

Event Driven Investing - Sector in Brief

Event Driven strategies provide diversification through exposure to company-specific – as opposed to market – risk.

Investor Spotlight: How QSuper Halved Risk Without...

Inspired by risk parity strategies and illiquid-focused endowments, Australia’s second largest superannuation fund is pioneering a radically different approach.

REITs - Sector in Brief

Noting a rise in client demand for REITs, we explore some of the recent developments in this sector and highlight key implementation considerations.


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